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Amanda Simpson

I fell in love with the world of hair at a young age, but I have developed a passion for hair color that has truly become a part of me.

After growing up with most family and friends already enriched in the industry, my entire life has been engrossed in the world of beauty since the day I was born. At the ripe age of 15 I ran as fast as I could to cosmetology school, where I graduated and began working as a stylist even before finishing high school. At an age when most make their biggest mistakes, I managed to forge a life and career that would bring me more joy and fulfillment than I ever could have imagined.


In 2010, I found my way to San Francisco where I fell in love with the busy city life and my outgoing and playful personality flourished and melded with the wonderful clientele I was growing. My greatest pleasure is being able to provide my guests with their dream hair along with an enjoyable, fun experience.

I soon realized that I wanted more for my guests, as well as for myself, so I started spending my free time learning every new technique there was available. This not only grew the services I was able to provide for my guests, but it also planted a seed of fascination with hair color that developed into a passion for education. I now spend my time out of the salon traveling and sharing my passion for hair color with other beauty professionals as an educator and ASK Expert for Schwarzkopf Professionals.

Although I have a direct no nonsense approach to hair color, it leaves my guests feeling their needs, verbalized or not, were heard and ensures we set realistic expectations for their goals while we achieve the hair of their dreams. I value providing each guest with the confidence to maintain and take care of their beautiful hair from the moment they step out of my salon until they return for their next appointment.

If you want the hair color you’ve been dreaming of, click the link below to schedule a consultation for us to get know each other and figure out what your hair needs are. I cant wait to meet you.

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